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Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar 2023 in Dresden

“Working as a guidance counsellor in a changing world – (do) we have what it takes?”

The National Euroguidance Centre in Germany, the Federal Employment Agency, together with the Euroguidance Centres from Austria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia, is organising this year's Euroguidance Cross Border Seminar for guidance practitioners, which will take place in Dresden from 23 to 24 May.

The Cross Border Seminar is an event organised by guidance practitioners for guidance practitioners and aims at networking and exchanging experiences between educational and vocational guidance practitioners from Europe. During the two-day seminar, experts lead thematic workshops on current European guidance topics and guidance methods of the different countries and present examples of good practice. About 80 - 90 counsellors and Euroguidance staff from all over Europe take part in the event.

Programme and National Surveys

This year's Cross Border Seminar “Working as a guidance counsellor in a changing world – (do) we have what it takes?”, aims to shed light on the role of guidance practitioners in a changing world and to provide a practical insight into their current guidance work and the challenges that guidance practitioners face on a daily basis.  Mehr: Programme and National Surveys

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During the two-day seminar, experts will lead workshops on the seminar topic and present different guidance approaches and initiatives as well as examples of good practice from the respective countries. You can participate in a total of 4 workshops over the two days. Mehr: Workshops

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Accommodation and practical Information

The event will take place at the Hotel Penck in Dresden. All important information about the hotel, hotel costs and hotel booking, as well as useful travel information and other practical tips can be found here.Please note: Only persons nominated and sent by the respective National Euroguidance Centres can participate in the event. Mehr: Accommodation and practical Information

Hotel Penck Dresden (verweist auf: Accommodation and practical Information)


Please register for the Seminar until 14.04.2023 via this link Mehr: Registration

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