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Programme, Key Note and National Surveys

This year's Cross Border Seminar “Working as a guidance counsellor in a changing world – (do) we have what it takes?”, aimed to shed light on the role of guidance practitioners in a changing world and to provide a practical insight into their current guidance work and the challenges that guidance practitioners face on a daily basis. 

Global challenges such as the ageing of society, the climate crisis or the digital transformation in the economy and society are increasingly changing the work of career guidance. Career counsellors need to be able to deal with all these issues in order to provide good guidance to their clients every day. But how does the demographic, digital and environmental change affect the work of guidance practitioners? Are counsellors prepared for this? What knowledge and competences are needed and how can they be built up? 

These and many other questions were discussed during the 2-day Cross Border Seminar.

To better prepare for the topic of the seminar, Euroguidance Centres were involved in programme planning and preparation of the National Survey. The aim of the national survey is to collect country-specific information about the focal topic of the Cross Border Seminar and should give an overall picture on the current situation in the countries

The programme, the National Surveys, the Key Note and Opening Speech of the seminar can be downloaded below. The workshop presentations can be found here. A compendium with the results of the event will be available soon.